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Recall that at the Easter Vigil, we begin by gathering outside around the new Easter Fire. The Paschal (Easter) Candle is then prepared and lighted from this fire. All the baptized then light our candles from the Paschal Candle, and process into the darkened church with the Light of Christ leading the way.

Christ is the Light of the World. In John 8:12, Jesus tells us this, himself. In the Rite of Baptism, after the newly baptized is clothed in a white garment,
he/she receives a baptismal candle which is lighted from the Paschal Candle.
This is the third explanatory rite. As baptized Christians, we are to walk always as children of the light. We are called to bring the Light of Christ to a
world darkened by sin and division. This is the mission of the Church - to be Light to the Nations/Light to the World. As members of the Body of Christ, this is our mission.

We always follow the Light of Christ. In death, the casket where our body rests will be placed in church under the Light of the Paschal Candle. And as we pray for our dead, we pray that eternal light might shine upon them!
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Friday of the Second Week of Advent
December 11, 2015
(optional memorial of Saint Damasus I, Pope)

Today's responsorial psalm speaks of light and life. In our response to Psalm 1, which is based on John 8:12, we proclaim that those who follow the Lord will have the Light of Life. You can access today's readings here.  This Friday of the Second Week of Advent we will reflect on light. 
Feast (optional memorial) of Saint Damasus I, Pope
December 11 is also the optional memorial of Saint Damasus I.  Damasus lived in the fourth century and was our 37th pope, serving as pontiff from 366 until his death in 384.  He was the first pope to refer to Rome as the “Apostolic See.”  He also encouraged Saint Jerome to produce the Vulgate (Latin translation of the Bible.)  Learn more about today’s saint below.
As we light two candles on our Advent Wreath this day, let us turn our attention to Saint John the Baptist and preparing for the coming of Jesus, the Light of the World.  Reflect upon the message from the video below.
What is one concrete change you can make this Advent so the Light of Christ shines more brightly through you to all you encounter?